Washington Dental is a full-service provider of top-notch dental services. We serve our patients seeking unmatched dental care services in Carson, CA. We perform dental procedures using modern-day equipment and are devoted to providing quality treatment that achieves a perfect smile and healthy teeth. With our practice revolving around providing personalized care, we deliver a broad range of most comfortable and high-quality dental services.

We also offer a broad range of financing/payment options and dental discounts so you can afford the treatment you require in a timely manner. There aren’t any extended terms and interests. We accept most credit cards as well as dental insurance policies. 

Who We Are

We boast well-experienced and highly-trained dentists who graduated from top dental schools in the United States with high honors. These dentists have high expertise in a wide array of service areas and remain current with the newest developments in the dentistry field by being part of various educational programs. 

Our other staff members have also received extensive training and are highly experienced in what they do. For instance, we have state-board certified dental experts with the required educational background to help achieve a pleasant patient experience. 

Our goal is to achieve the best patient experience by providing top-notch dental services. That’s why we give it our all when performing dental procedures. We have also employed expert assistants to ensure excellent customer service and flexible financing options to accommodate every patient. While carrying out treatment, we put ourselves in your place and deliver results we would have expected. Should you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our customer service agents are always on standby to listen to you and help. 

What We Do

We aim at being the top dental service provider in Carson. We’re conveniently located, so you don’t have a hard time accessing our clinic. Our flexible working hours also enable patients to schedule appointments easily, regardless of how busy their schedules are.  We are also always ready to respond to any dental-related emergencies. 

Our everyday work leans towards winning your trust and improving your oral/dental health in several different techniques. What do we do? We work hand in hand with you to take care of your oral cavity and keep it strong and healthy for an extended period.

Since we have experience in all the dental service areas, we’ll address virtually every dental problem you or your loved ones may have. This means you will not possibly need to go to another dental clinic for services. We do everything, and we do it perfectly!  We understand it’s difficult to come across the right dental specialist, yet it’s critical to be served by one. For this reason, we strive to be ‘the right dental specialist’ for you. 

How We Help

We help all our patients achieve optimal dental/oral health by providing cosmetic, restorative, diagnostic, and preventative care to counter gum problems and all kinds of dental diseases. Additionally, since routine daily dental/oral hygiene and proper diet are ideal for good oral/dental health, we assist by encouraging our patients to carry out certain practices and avoid given foods. 

We’ll also conduct routine teeth cleaning sessions and dental check-ups. We’re especially keen on preventive dentistry because it is far better to prevent problems than correct them. We make each treatment process as painless and comfortable as possible by administering local anesthesia or dental/oral sedation. 

Whom We Serve and Our Services

We aim at providing all dental patients in Carson, CA, with professional dental services. We pride ourselves on being reliable, professional, honest, and courteous to our patients. 

We offer a wide range of dental services. We conduct the majority of procedures that other dental clinics may not be able to perform. Our dental specialists are highly trained and skilled to handle everything concerning modern dentistry to restore or protect your dental/oral health. Here is a summary of our service areas:

General Dentistry

Our services as far as general dentistry is concerned are:

  • Conducting dental exams, including x-rays
  • Performing dental cleanings
  • Tooth fillings
  • Fixing Dental crowns 
  • Carrying out root canal surgery
  • Dental bridges installation
  • Dentures installation 
  • Conducting both simple and complex tooth extractions

Family Dentistry 

When you have a family, your duty is not only to feed them. You’ll also have to ensure their oral health is in check. This could be challenging for you. However, Washington Dental makes things as affordable and convenient as possible. We serve patients of all ages and handle all kinds of problems your family members may have. 

We understand it may be difficult to set up appointments when you’re always working and busy taking care of your family. That is why we strive to be more flexible by offering same-day appointments wherever possible. We are also quick to respond to dental-related emergencies. 

Expenses increase as the family continues to grow. We understand this, and that’s why our prices are highly competitive. Additionally, we accept different kinds of insurance plans and numerous payment options. We also offer easy financing and payment plans to our patients. 

Emergency Dentistry

No one can say when they’ll have a dental problem. For instance, an incident like your dental bridge or crown falling off, a tooth loosening or being knocked off, or feeling throbbing pain because of a chipped/cracked tooth or toothache doesn’t alert you that it's going to happen. These are all dental emergencies and require urgent care. 

At Washington Dental, we provide 24/7 emergency help and care. We’ll schedule you in to see us on short notice if you have an emergency. We understand that you cannot always plan for dental appointments, and that is why we’ll always accommodate you. 

Other service areas include:

  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Preventive dentistry 
  • Special dentistry 
  • Advanced dentistry
  • Advanced Technology in dentistry 
  • Pediatric dentistry

Call Us Now to Schedule an Appointment

At Washington Dental, we are steadily changing how individuals perceive dental treatment. We do not use our patients’ situations to exaggerate our treatment procedures to earn huge profits. Instead, we are dedicated to ensuring that our patients don’t experience the same dental problem in the future. We welcome everyone who requires dental advice and treatment in the Carson area. Call us now at 310-217-1507, and we’ll help you book your initial appointment.